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Man booted from flight for verbally abusing young disabled girl

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A listener has contacted Ray Hadley with the shocking details of an incident that took place on a Qantas flight on Friday.

A man in his 60s was removed by staff after hurling verbal abuse at a six-year-old girl with Down Syndrome on a flight from Sydney to Port Macquarie.

The listener says an issue arose over seat allocation, with the man complaining he had to sit next to the young girl.

The man’s abuse was so horrific, Ray refused to repeat it on the radio.

A heated exchange then occurred between the man and the girl’s family and Qantas staff.

Another passenger on the flight, a 52-year-old woman also with Down Syndrome, was “reduced to tears”.

“What sort of bloke, what sort to adult, targets a child with Down Syndrome or another lady with Down Syndrome, and uses this sort of language?” says Ray.

“What a grubby person he must be.”

The flight was then delayed and the staff removed the man from the flight.

The listener goes on to commend the Qantas staff for their “professionalism during this abhorrent event”.

The Ray Hadley Morning Show has reached out to Qantas, who has confirmed the incident, but is yet to confirm if the man has been banned.

“We do not tolerate anti-social behaviour onboard and the gentleman was removed from the flight.”

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