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EXCLUSIVE | Man was on parole when he violently attacked female police officer

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A man who allegedly assaulted a female police officer was out on parole when the violent attack occurred.

The 22-year-old officer could have scars for the rest of her life after she was allegedly attacked by Tony Sazdanovski at an apartment in Sydney’s south.

Police arrived at the Brighton Le Sands unit after neighbours raised concerns for the welfare of a man inside.

Police say 48-year-old Sazdanovski became agitated and aggressive when police arrived, and charged at the 22-year-old officer.

Police deployed a taser and pepper spray, but Sazdanovski allegedly forced the female officer to the ground.

He reportedly gauged at her eyes, bit her head, and pulled out her hair.

Additional officers were able to restrain him after he was tasered a second time.

Ray Hadley has exclusively revealed Sazdanovski was on parole at the time of the attack.

He has appeared at Sutherland Local Court charged with three offences, and has been detained for a mental health assessment.

The officer has since been treated at St George Hospital, but won’t be able to have physical contact with friends or family because she has been exposed to the man’s bodily fluids through the bite on her head.

Police Association of NSW Secretary Pat Gooley says there isn’t even a law in place to force alleged perpetrators to undergo mandatory testing to determine if they’re carrying an infectious disease.

“This government doesn’t seem to take this issue seriously, we lobbied the government before the election, we’ve had no commitment.

“The judiciary don’t seem to take these matters seriously.”

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Ray Hadley says more needs to be done to protect our emergency personnel.

“Enough is enough. We can’t simply have people… being used as some sort of punching bag for lunatics who decide that they don’t like their treatment.

“Until the courts actually start backing emergency services and stop slapping people on the wrist, we’re gonna have this continue, no doubt.”

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