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‘Like a scene in another country’: Firefighters who chased down CBD attacker

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The firefighters who helped chase down the Sydney CBD attacker reveal they were in the city that day by chance.

The attacker, who Ben Fordham is choosing not to name, allegedly stabbed 24-year-old Michaela Dunn to death and severely injured another.

Four firefighters have been hailed as heroes for their part in the chase to detain the attacker before police arrived.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was overseas when the attack happened but she has since thanked the firefighters for their bravery in person.

Ben Fordham has spoken to two of the firefighters, Leading Firefighter Gonzalo Herrera and Senior Firefighter Mitchell Bennetts, who were there that day.

Mr Bennetts was filmed chasing the attacker with what was widely believed to be an axe, but it was actually a Halligan bar.

He tells Ben they were just coming back from a job when they saw the man with a knife.

“We were sitting in traffic and that’s when the events unfolded it looked like a scene you see on the news, in another country.

“I jumped out and ran to the back of the pump… he and I made eye contact… I think he assumed I was police because he was asking me to shoot him.”

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