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Lifeline for small businesses with JobKeeper 2.0 scheme

The Council of Small Business of Australia has welcomed the announcement the JobKeeper wage subsidy will be extended by 6 months. 

The Prime Minister announced today the wage subsidies would be extended until 2021, with the view of weaning Australians and businesses off the payment scheme slowly.

Payments will be reduced each quarter.

CEO Peter Strong told Jim Wilson it gave businesses more certainty.

“It gives certainty to those businesses that were concerned about their employees and concerned about whether they can stay open or not,” he said.

“There’s a lot of questions that we’ve still got around JobKeeper 2.0.”

He said while they’d like it to be more than $1000 from January, the scheme has undoubtedly kept some businesses afloat.

“It was brilliant, it will be written up a hundred times in doctorates and thesis in universities,” he said.

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