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Life-saving heart transplant prevented due to ‘air safety technicality’

A patient in need of a heart transplant missed out on the operation last month when the Civil Aviation Safety Authority grounded pilots over a technicality.

Seven pilots from FalconAir were grounded after CASA found the company’s check pilot ran a competency flight in the wrong aircraft.

On December 16, the urgent transportation of a heart from Auckland to Sydney was prevented due to the grounding.

The patient who would have benefitted from the heart is still on the waiting list for the life-saving transplant.

Dick Smith, former Chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, tells Chris Smith CASA is a “dysfunctional organisation”.

“CASA has looked around the world and found the most complex way of doing everything.

Mr Smith says Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce can make much-needed changes as he takes on the transport portfolio.

“He could be very good and he’s got to make sure the organisation reflects what’s just common sense.”

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