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Liberal MP Tim Wilson blows up at public heckler

Image: SMH – Michael Koziol

There’s been a fiery start at the parliamentary hearing into Labor’s proposed retirement policy.

If the Opposition wins the federal election they’ll scrap cash refunds on excess franking credits.

The government argues the measure would force many self-funded retirees on to the pension.

Hearings into Labor’s proposed policy have been taking place around the country with a protestor disrupting one on Sydney’s north shore this morning, calling it a sham.

The hearing’s Chair, Liberal MP Tim Wilson, blew up at the heckler, telling him to let others have their say.

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Mr Wilson joined Ray Hadley after the meeting, explaining what happened.

“There was a gentleman there who wanted to shut the inquiry down.

“Unfortunately, he had to be removed from the room because he was denying other people a right to speak.

“This is a democracy and everybody has a right to speak.”

There are calls for Mr Wilson to resign from parliament, with claims he is related to the owner of a company that would benefit from the proposal being scrapped.

The Liberal MP tells Ray his link to a man named Geoff Wilson is tenuous at best.

“If you go back to 1850 or thereabouts you can establish a connection, yes.

“Distant, distant, distant. I met him in March 2018 for the first time.

“This is a deliberate attempt to distract from the inquiry and giving a voice to the people who are affected by the issue.”

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