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Legal loophole sees criminals slashing their sentences despite no remorse

A legal loophole is allowing criminals to reduce their sentences by pleading guilty even if they don’t show remorse for their crimes.

A case in February saw an insider trader cut a year off his jail term by arguing he was saving the court money by pleading guilty to his offence.

This is believed to have caused a ripple effect, with the precedent seeing other criminals, including a paedophile and a drug smuggler, cut their sentences.

Victims advocate Howard Brown tells Ben Fordham the loophole could actually work in the favour of victims who are struggling under the weight of a clogged court system.

“We have enormous delays in our court system at the moment.

“If we can reduce the delays by getting these bastards to actually plead guilty, and we only use two days, it then means that those ones where we’re going to go to a full trial will be heard quicker.

“So our victims won’t be held in the court delay process for anywhere near as long as they currently are.”

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