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Leaky pipes lose 114 million litres of water every day as farmers suffer

The entire state of New South Wales is drought-declared and some farmers haven’t seen rain in so long, they’re now facing having to shoot their stock and sell their land.

But in the city, an unbelievable amount of water wastage is taking place right under our feet every single day.

114 million litres of water is leaking from Sydney Water pipes daily, enough water to fill 46 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“I can only imagine what farmers think today when they pick up the paper and read about this stuff,” Chris Smith says.

What’s worse is Sydney Water admits this staggering amount of waste is within their “target range”.

Networks Manager Gary Hurley tells Chris the leaks are due to dry weather conditions and the company is performing “very well” on a global scale.

He says over the past decade, Sydney Water has invested over $1 billion into managing leaks but concedes it isn’t good enough.

He assures Chris they’re working hard to “live up to the community’s expectations”.

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