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Leaked audio reveals ‘final solution’ speech was designed to ‘hit a nerve’

Leaked audio has revealed Fraser Anning’s anti-Muslim speech was designed to “hit a nerve”.

The Katter’s Australian Party senator’s speech called for a complete ban on Muslim immigration but the senator is under fire for using the phrase “final solution”.

It brought on an onslaught from MPs who condemned Mr Anning for the term, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

But audio leaked to Sky News reveals One Nation MP Jim Savage advised Mr Anning months ago to “hit a nerve” when delivering his speech.

“We told Fraser months ago, we sat down and had a meeting with him…

“… when you make your maiden speech Fraser – you gotta get up there and say something really controversial…

“Really, you know, hit that f**king nerve, otherwise you’ll be forgotten, no one will know who you are.

“We told him to do that and that’s exactly what he did.”

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Andrew Bolt tells Chris Smith it’s unlikely the senator meant any harm, saying he was merely going through a list.

“He went through a list, a solution to our immigration problem is this, and then secondly this, and the final solution is this.

“People are saying ‘Oh! Final solution, that’s the Nazi term for the Holocaust.

“He’s been a defender of Israel, so it seems strange to me a defender would at the same time then tease Jews with a very hurtful phrase.

“This is a man, don’t forget, who two months ago proposed in the Senate that we move our embassy in Israel from Telaviv to Jerusalem which many many Jews want.

“Who voted against it? None other than the Greens and Labor who criticised him.”

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