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Leading advocate against the Sydney Light Rail forced into heartbreaking decision

The leading advocate for small businesses impacted by Sydney’s light rail has made the heartbreaking decision to close her own café.

City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas has been fighting on behalf of those without a voice, but can no longer afford to keep fighting for herself.

Her family’s George Street business has been granted an early release early from its lease because they can’t continue making the payments.

Ms Vithoulkas has joined Alan Jones repeatedly calling for the state government to fix the mess it has created.

Initially, business owners were promised construction would cause disruptions for a maximum of six to nine months.

Almost three years later, Ms Vithoulkas tells Alan it’s all become too much.

“I understand that the government feels they are in a situation that is challenging but frankly none of us care any more about how the government feels.

“They should stop applauding themselves for the 69 businesses that they have helped and start calculating the thousands that they haven’t helped.”

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Ms Vithoulkas is encouraging other business owners impacted by the construction, to apply for state government compensation.