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Labor MP supports aged care lockdown despite ‘overreach’ criticism

Residents of aged care homes across Australia have been isolated from family due to coronavirus fears, but the government argues the restrictions have been excessive.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor told Deborah Knight he believes nursing homes have acted “well beyond” the National Cabinet’s recommendations for visitation.

“We think that there’s been overreach.

“It’s incredibly important the people be able to visit their loved ones, and provide support to their parents or grandparents.”

However, shadow agriculture minister Joel Fitzgibbon argues care providers are best placed to negotiate restrictions with families, and the facilities are often too understaffed to safely allow visitors.

“That’s all fine Angus, for governments to issue those edicts based on expert advice, but on the ground these nursing homes and other centres are under-resourced, they’re not getting the PPE they need.

“[Staff] are typically earning $28 an hour, so they’re difficult to secure.

“It’s easy for governments in Canberra to say ‘this is what you should do’, but the practicalities of that is not always there for the operators.”

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