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Knock back a beer for our Aussie farmers

Australian barley farmers were left reeling after China announced an 80 per cent tariff on their exports.

Barley farmer and Chairman of Grain Growers Brett Hosking told Ben Fordham the situation was “devastating” but he’s confident they will be able to recover

“It’s been terrible news overnight. 18 months in the making and to get to this conclusion is quite devastating.

“It means we won’t be selling barley to China under these tariff raises.

“We can get by [without China].

“We’ve got to build those relationships with new markets, get them used to our product… and we’ll be back to where we were.

“It just takes time to build that trust and relationships.”

Mr Hosking said ordinary Australians can also do their bit for the farmers.

“Every Australian can go home tonight and can have a couple of beers and help us out as well… but do it responsibly.”

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Image: Getty/Alexander Spatari