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‘Knives out’ for Deputy Premier and Andrew Constance after ‘absolute clown show’

There are calls for two senior state government ministers to be dumped from the front bench.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance has backflipped on his announcement to run for the federal seat of Eden Monaro, claiming he’s been ”white anted” by Deputy Premier John Barilaro who also considered running.

NSW Shooters’ Fishers and Farmers party leader Robert Borsak told Chris Smith both men should be demoted.

“You shot yourself in both feet! It’s absolutely a clown show.

“Knives will be out for Mr Barilaro in his party too. I mean, what sort of politician is John Barilaro to go on like that?

“And Andrew Constance … get off the front bench, you obviously can’t cope with the pressure, go to the backbench and focus on your electorate.”

Mr Borsak says Premier Gladys Bereijlklian is not up to the task.

“She’s a manager, not a leader.

“This is a tired, old, government that she’s inherited … she hasn’t done very much with it.”

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