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Fish farm breach causes disastrous shark frenzy

A breach in kingfish farming pens off Port Stephens on the NSW north coast has meant a field day for local fisherman.

But fishermen aren’t the only ones attracted to the area.

Sharks have had a feeding frenzy and it’s not good news for local business.

Marine Parks Association chairman and tourism operator in Port Stephens, Frank Future, tells Ross Greenwood more.

“I’ve never seen quite so many sharks.

“It’s like the dinner bell’s been rung and they’ve come in from everywhere.”

Frank says the breach has caused massive problems, including the sharks scaring off the dolphins which attract tourists.

“These offshore pens are a shocker. When there is a breach it can be catastrophic and nobody really knows what the effect on the wild environment’s going to be with 20,000 kingfish out there.”

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