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Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s plea on behalf of her late husband

Kerri-Anne Kennerley is pleading with the government to scrap the age restriction on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) after her late husband was denied the best care.

John Kennerley, who tragically passed away in February, was left a paraplegic after a fall at a Coffs Harbour golf course in 2016.

Kerri-Anne says he was denied the best care because he was over 65, meaning he didn’t qualify for the NDIS.

She tells Steve Price the restriction is a form of age discrimination and needs to be scrapped.

“It’s a traumatic event in one’s life and then not to actually have correct help is outrageous.

“It’s just not right for Australian citizens to go through such trauma and not get a helping hand.”

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Image: Getty/Scott Barbour