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Judge goes soft on violent police attacker… again

Ray Hadley has slammed a district court judge for going soft on a man who violently assaulted paramedics and police.

Judge Roy Ellis has a history of soft decisions, just last month handing a two-year suspended sentence to a man who broke a police officer’s jaw.

He’s done it again, reducing the sentence of a man who violently attacked emergency services and spat in their faces.

27-year-old Kai James Bradshaw from Adamstown assaulted paramedics and police and spat at them when they were trying to treat him in August last year.

Bradshaw was originally handed a maximum three-year jail term with a non-parole period of one year and seven months after he pleaded guilty to a variety of charges including two counts of assaulting police and two counts of common assault.

Bradshaw has since appealed his sentence, with none other than Judge Roy Ellis shaving five months off his non-parole period.

Ray Hadley has slammed the decision.

“I don’t know whether Judge Roy Ellis had a really bad incident with police or whether he’s just dirty on them generally.

“I wonder what Judge Roy Ellis would do if Kai James Bradshaw walked into the court and spat in his face.

“I’ve got no idea how old he is but the closer he gets to 70 the better off we’ll be because at 70 we say goodbye to him.”

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