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Josh Frydenberg: Government is sharpening its message as it lags in opinion polls

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The Treasurer says the federal government is sharpening its message, in order to promote its achievements as it struggles in the opinion polls.

Josh Frydenberg argues the Coalition has grown the economy and created more than 1 million jobs and that many Australians can expect a tax relief from July next year.

The Deputy Leader tells Alan Jones the government has achieved a lot in the five years it’s been in power.

“Of course it’s it incumbent on us to prosecute our case and to explain not only our policies but the great risk that a Bill Shorten and a union-led government would actually mean to the Australian people.”

On the Paris climate agreement, Alan is demanding answers on why the government won’t dump the agreement.

“The real question is not whether you’re in Paris or not, the real question is, are you doing everything possible to reduce people’s power bills?” says the Treasurer.

“It’s not a question just about emission reduction, it’s actually a question of what are you doing to bring the network costs down? What are you doing to get more gas into the market?

“The issue that we need to focus on is to create more reliability in the system and to keep our coal-fired power stations in the system for longer.”

Alan then pounds Mr Frydenberg on if that’s the case, then why isn’t the government building coal-fired power stations, pointing out China is building 583; India 271; Indonesia 145; Japan 34.

“Us none!” says Alan.

“How will you build a coal-fired power station, Josh, when we’re subsidising the other fella with renewable energy?”

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