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Labor wants election to be ‘referendum on wage growth’, Treasurer says bring it on

The federal government maintains Labor would be a risk to the Australian economy if it wins the next election.

New figures show the economy grew by 0.2 of a per cent in the three months to December.

The Opposition argues job insecurity and sluggish wage growth is the problem and promises to fight the election on the issue.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg tells Alan Jones the situation would deteriorate under a Labor government.

“We’ve heard from businesses like Qantas, that if Labor was to be able to reintroduce patent bargaining then what we would see is them lose workers.

“They wouldn’t be able to employ small businesses.

“There would be a whole series of problems and that would ultimately flow through to lower wages.

“The reality is the Labor Party and the unions are going to stop wages from growing in this country. They’re going to see jobs being lost.”

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