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Australian music icon John Williamson performs live in studio

Aussie icon John Williamson has released his 20th studio album Butcherbird.

The ARIA Hall of Fame inductee composed much of the album at his beloved mountain retreat in Springbrook, QLD, using the native Butcherbird as his muse.

“The thing about Butcherbirds is they have the most beautiful melodies… they inspire me,” John tells Chris Smith.

For well over four decades Williamson has been writing songs that reflect the heart of our nation, so it makes sense he’s doing his best to support our struggling farmers.

John has joined forces with a number of Aussie singers to help raise money for drought-stricken farmers at the ‘Buy a Bale’ concert at Rooty Hill, Sunday, September 16.

Click PLAY below to watch John Williamson perform his beautiful new tune Butcherbird

The reality of drought has touched the Williamson family in the past, with John telling Chris, “I’ve been through drought myself… we ended up having to sell the sheep for skin value just to get rid of them”.

“It’s really hard on people who have got breeding stock that has been bred over generations and to have to lose that stock, that’s the hard one.

“We’re losing our family farmers.”

Click PLAY below to hear the full interview and in-studio performance

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