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John Singleton sprays Keith Urban after Australia Day concert mix up

John Singleton has had a dig at Keith Urban and just about every other Australian musician after a mix-up with his Australia Day party.

Singo – a part-owner of the Macquarie Radio Network – also owns Saddles, a restaurant at Mount White on the Central Coast.

He called Ray looking for help after a mix-up threatened to ruin the venue’s Australia Day celebrations.

“Harley who runs Saddles told me old Urbo was going to call in. You know Keith,” says Singo.

“But I said, no I prefer Willie [Nelson], so she thought I’d organised Willie.

“But she was joking and I was joking. Urbo is not calling in, so we’ve got no entertainment all day.”

With Singo in need of a performer at short notice, Aussie country music great Adam Harvey phoned in saying a mate of his could help out.

In true John Singleton fashion, he brushed the suggestion, offending Adam Harvey, Adam’s mate, Ray, Keith Urban and just about everybody else.

“We’re not going to book him [Keith Urban] again. Unreliable!” joked Singo.

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