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John Howard weighs in on GST increase on its 20th anniversary

Former prime minister John Howard has weighed in on a push to increase the GST, 20 years on from its conception.

A review commissioned by the NSW government is calling for major tax reform to help fund essential services during tough economic times.

The draft report suggests replacing stamp duty with a land tax and increasing the rate of the GST or expanding it to cover more goods and services.

Mr Howard told Ben Fordham it is ultimately a decision for the federal government.

“Unless they want to change, well it’s not going to happen.

“I think the instinctive reaction of people to anything that sounds like a tax increase is a negative one.

“I do know from my experience… you can persuade the Australian people to embrace a difficult reform if you can satisfy them that it’s good for the country and that the poorer people are looked after.”

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