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JobKeeper will ‘save millions of Australian jobs’ says Treasurer

Article image for JobKeeper will ‘save millions of Australian jobs’ says Treasurer

The massive $130 billion JobSeeker wage subsidy scheme is set to pass parliament, bringing security to thousands of businesses and millions of workers.

11th-hour attempts from the opposition and the Greens to expand the scheme’s eligibility criteria were rebuffed by the government in an emergency sitting of parliament.

Speaking with Money News host Brooke Corte, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says it’s one of the most important days in the Parliament’s history.

“We’re reaching across the political divide to pass legislation which will literally save millions of Australian jobs

“We really do feel like we’re fighting a war on two fronts, an economic crisis and a health crisis, and we’re facing them simultaneously,”

Under the scheme, roughly 6 million workers receive a $1500 fortnightly wage subsidy, paid in full by the government, for the next six months.

However, casuals workers who have been with their employers for less than 12 months are not eligible for the subsidy and the Treasurer says he had to draw a line somewhere.

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