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Jim Wilson slams Maritime Union in heated debate over delayed medicines

In a heated debate, the Maritime Union has vehemently denied holding up critical medicine supplies in their industrial action dispute.

Jim Wilson put it to Maritime Union of Australia Sydney Branch Assistant Secretary, Paul Garrett that now isn’t the time to be asking for a six percent pay rise.

“Jim, it’s a claim that’s been put on the table … this is the system that people have to negotiate under, and you put a figure on the table.”

Mr Garrett went on to deny the allegations of wharfies holding up medicines, saying no one can point to the boxes being delayed.

“During the whole COVID crisis our members didn’t stop … and we moved every box non-stop.

“Now, here’s the thing, our delegates this morning after hearing this BS in the media, went to their managers and … said name the box; show us where the medical supplies are and we’ll move them.

“Not once could they respond.”

Jim said he understands wharfies are very hard working but “we’ve got to get this sorted mate!”

“We need to get this resolved, and quite frankly a pay rise when people are losing their jobs, when livelihoods are being impacted; come on, fair go!”

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Image: Nine News