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Jim Wilson delivers a win for isolated residents battling Telstra

Frustrated residents cut off from phone and internet services for weeks are celebrating a win against Telstra.

Residents in Bowen Mountain, west of Windsor, had been complaining to Telstra for several weeks about the services being down.

Yesterday, local resident Louise Hawkins told Jim Wilson it’s “incredibly frustrating”: they can’t work, their children can’t lodge school work, and isolated residents can’t order their groceries.

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Following on from the call, Jim went into bat for the 1000 residents cut off from services.

“Well, we put the call out yesterday, it’s been very frustrating, especially during this coronavirus … not to have communication,” said Jim.

“I’m very happy to say that I’ve just got a statement through from Telstra … that repairs are now complete and customer connections are now restored in Bowen Mountain.”

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Image: Google Maps / Telstra