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It’s World Sandwich Day and these sanger suggestions have Alan in stitches

What's your favourite?

Today is World Sandwich Day and to honour the occasion Alan Jones is asking his team and his listeners what their go-to sangers are.

And some of the suggestions have him in stitches.

“I had no idea I had such eccentric staff!” Alan says.

The classics get a mention, including the toasted ham, cheese and tomato.

But some suggestions are well out of the ordinary.

Briony says her favourite is a cheese, tahini, red capsicum, cucumber and red onion.

“I’ll never be able to look at you again in the same way, Briony,” says Alan.

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Alan threw the question out to his listeners: what’s your favourite sandwich?

Norma called in with a nostalgic choice.

“We were given golden syrup sandwiches for school!”

But Alan says his panel operator Ross wins the prize with his suggestion.

“Ross’ favourite sandwich is a free one.”

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What’s your favourite sandwich? Let Alan know HERE

What's your favourite?