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‘It’s just unthinkable’: Paedophile Michael Guider released from jail up to 20 times

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A Sydney court has heard serial paedophile Michael Guider was released from jail up to 20 times while serving his sentence.

Guider, who drugged, molested and killed nine-year-old Sydney schoolgirl Samantha Knight, is due to be released from prison next week.

He has never told police the location of Samantha’s body and has shown no remorse for his crimes.

Guider is due to be released in June but the NSW Attorney-General has applied to have his sentence extended.

But the court heard on Monday he’s already been allowed out into the community, having been let out of jail temporarily up to 20 times as part of his rehabilitation.

NSW Corrective Services has now released a statement, clarifying that Guider was always supervised during his leave (full statement below).

Shadow Corrections Minister Guy Zangari tells Chris Smith his victims and their families deserve an explanation.

“They should have a right to know what this individual is up to.

“How can this horrific person be just left out in the community unsupervised? It’s just unthinkable.”

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Ben Fordham spoke to Chantelle Daly, a victim of Michael Guider who was just six-years-old when she was drugged, abused and photographed by Guider.

She’s been relentlessly campaigning to keep Guider in jail.

“I think the fact that he hasn’t provided a body and that his release is still inevitable is just disgusting.

“What kind of justice system deems it fit for a convicted child killer and dangerous paedophile to be able to have these 20-day releases even before his time has been served?”

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Chris Smith was livid when he heard the news, saying the public deserves to know why he was let out of jail.

“Since when did Guider deserve any favourable treatment? He didn’t give any of his 11 victims a break.

“How dare they think the public doesn’t deserve a response.”

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Full statement from NSW Corrective Services:

“NSW has the toughest post-sentence detention and supervision laws in the country, with community safety as the top priority.

Inmates are given carefully supervised leave if their release into the community is approaching, particularly if they have served long sentences and will not be subject to parole supervision. This is to ensure they are capable of living outside prison.

This offender had 20 such leaves for a few hours each time. At all times the offender was subject to electronic monitoring and supervised by a Corrective Services NSW employee.

His leaves were immediately cancelled following an application to keep him in custody on a Continuing Detention Order.”