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‘It’s just snobbery’: Latham slams controversy surrounding Opera House light show

The projection of The Everest barrier numbers on the Opera House has been shrouded in controversy, with police ramping up security ahead of tonight’s show.

The colours and numbers of horses taking part in The Everest will be projected onto the iconic building, with protesters expected to try and disrupt the show.

The Outsider Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham “it’s just snobbery, isn’t it?”.

“I mean, the whole leftest apparatus, the elite, are up in arms that a horse race is going to be the subject of a light show tonight.

“They don’t mind the Wallabies… they don’t mind the cricket going on the side of the Opera House.

“But they’ve something against a different sport, horse racing. I think because they’d assume all of the rough and tough people go to the horse racing.

“They seem to think that horse racing is culturally below them. It’s a terrible form snobbery when in fact this race is obviously trying to promote Sydney, promote tourism.

“What’s wrong with a little bit of promotion of major tourist event in the city of Sydney?”

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