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‘It’s just insane’: Is this university policy the most PC move ever?

Sydney University’s oldest debating club has vowed to field teams which prioritise minority groups including “persons marginalised by white ­supremacy” and “non-cis men”.

Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi has slammed the move, telling Chris Smith this type of identity politics is “just insane”.

“Identity politics is so toxic. It’s divisive, it’s degrading. It pushes this victimhood narrative that is often completely at odds with reality.

“Really, speaking as someone who is a woman and who is from an ethnic background… if I was selected on merit I would be so appalled because it completely undermines my achievement.”

She says this “social justice activism” has become wide-spread in universities across the nation.

“The list of people with acceptable opinions in that academic world is becoming smaller and smaller,” she says.

“It seems to be this relentless leftist ideology.”

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