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‘It’s infuriating’: Sydney Metro goes into meltdown leaving passengers stuck

The Sydney Metro has yet again gone into meltdown, leaving hundreds of commuters stuck during peak hour.

Mechanical problems on a train at North Ryde has caused serious delays, with passengers standing around waiting for buses.

Passengers travelling to the city were advised to change at Epping for a T9 Northern Line train instead of using the metro.

Services have returned to normal and buses will continue to supplement the service.

Ross Greenwood has revealed the operator of the Sydney Metro has been put on notice after about 40 operational issues since its opening.

Jeff tells Ray Hadley he just drove past Macquarie Park where there are hoards of people.

“There has to be at least 500 people cued around the corner, waiting for buses and there’s no buses! Nothing.”

Ray says it is unacceptable that this keeps happening.

“It just is infuriating!

“If they keep breaking down we’ve got to have buses somewhere in an emergency.”

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Sydney Metro CEO Jon Lamonte tells Ray Hadley the response time has not been good enough.

“I’m really sorry to passengers who were caught up in all this.

“The reality is that when we have an instance like this morning, with a number of motors failing, the operators just haven’t reacted fast enough to get this out of the way and get on with services.

“These are new trains, we ought to expect a better performance level.”

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Ross Greenwood tells Ray the operator may not be used for future contracts.

“It’s got to be improved and it’s got to be improved quickly.

“The minister gave a very big hint to me that this mob, MTR, will not get the contracts or will not be favoured to get the contracts when they roll out the city, the southwest and the western metro lines.”

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