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‘It’s inevitable’: Another Liberal leadership spill predicted for later this week

With the PM now facing a spate of rolling resignations from frontbench colleagues, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s no longer a matter of if, but when, Malcolm Turnbull will lose his position.

After clinging on to the top job in a tight contest against Peter Dutton yesterday, Kieran Gilbert from Sky News doubts Turnbull can recover when at least 35 members of his fractured party are opposed to his leadership.

In avoiding resignation, Turnbull is simply delaying the inevitable.

“If you look at history, it’s just a matter of time before a vote of 35 builds to a majority,”  says Gilbert.

“He’s not going to win many of them back. His only chance, and it’s slim, is to try and hold onto the 48 he’s got.”

“It’s inevitable.”

“There will be another confrontation. There will be another vote, you can rest assured.”

There is speculation that the next leadership spill, predicted to come sometime this week, will circulate more so around Treasurer Scott Morrison. He’s being tipped as a possible “compromise candidate” for the top job.  Less ideologically conservative, it’s thought he may appeal to the party moderates who won’t back the right-wing Dutton, but are keen for a change of leadership pace.

“My question is whether or not Scott Morrison will be the most likely candidate to come through the middle here.”

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