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‘It’s exhausting’: Mother behind Zoe’s Law still waiting 10 years on

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A decade on, the mother who inspired Zoe’s Law is still waiting for meaningful change to help families through the same trauma she experienced.

Brodie Donegan lost her unborn baby girl, Zoe, on Christmas Day in 2009 when a drug-affected driver smashed into her.

The driver was sentenced over the injuries to Brodie, but escaped any punishment over the death of unborn Zoe.

Zoe’s Law attempts to give tougher sentences to offenders if they cause the death of an unborn child.

Brodie Donegan told Ben Fordham “it’s been a long decade” watching politicians debate the law whilst more families suffer the same “severe loss” she endured.

“It’s really exhausting to keep having the conversation.

“My biggest point that I’ve been trying to make the whole way along was that I healed from my other injuries … and Zoe didn’t come back to me.

“In the current law, the way it is … any unborn child is placed in the list of injuries to the mother.

“I just felt that her loss was more significant than my injuries and it should just be recognised separately.”

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