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‘It’s dangerous’: Peter Dutton backs banning anti-vaxxers

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Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is backing the push to ban NRL players from the season restart who refuse to get a flu shot.

Mr Dutton has told Ray Hadley the ‘no jab, no play’ policy Prime Minister Scott Morrison agreed to is “spot on” and “clear cut”.

“The conditions were obvious and the commitments were made by the ARL.

“We provided support… for the players to come from New Zealand and we did that based on the health advice, and the health advice was based on the commitments given by the ARL.”

Mr Dutton said the anti-vaxxer movement has been discredited for a long time and doesn’t want to give the ideas any oxygen.

“We shouldn’t give any credibility to people that preach, what is a religion for some… because it’s dangerous.

“There are lots of young people out there who look to these players as role models, as heroes in their lives, and they shouldn’t be hearing these messages.”

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