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‘It’s been like a marriage’: Ray reflects on 35-year career with Alan Jones

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Ray Hadley has reflected on his relationship with Alan Jones, emphasising his gratitude for the radio great’s leadership as breakfast number one.

Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, Ray attributes his success to Alan’s, telling listeners “anything I’ve achieved in radio has been on the back of him.”

Ray reiterated his satisfaction in his current role as mornings host, asking commentators to “stop speculating”.

“Sometimes I’ll cheer for him and other times I’ll boo him, because I think he’s wrong.

“We’ve always repaired our damage when we’ve had a blue before … It’s the nature of it, it’s like a marriage, and I’ve been ‘married’ to this bloke for 35 years!”

Ray also looked back all the way to the start of that ‘marriage’, recalling the events that led to Alan joining the 2GB family.

“I came here [to 2GB] in the hopes Alan Jones would come here,” Ray recounted.

“The night it happened I was in John Singleton’s office at Darling Harbour.

“I was to get up at 2 o’clock in the morning to do breakfast.

“Singo was meeting with Sam Chisholm, who was then the chairman of the company, in one final bid to get Alan Jones to come.

“He left Singo with a chequebook and he said to me, ‘what should I do to get Alan here?’

“I said, ‘whatever it takes, because I ain’t doing breakfast up against Alan Jones I can tell you!'”

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