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‘It’s all unhelpful’: Deputy Premier hits out at Environment Minister Matt Kean

The Deputy Premier has slapped down his own Environment Minister who claimed the entire government, not just moderates, wants more action on climate change.

Speaking with Sky News, Mr Kean claimed “some of the most senior members of the [federal] government” were turning on the PM over the issue and said all of the NSW Liberals were on the same page.

Scott Morrison hit back on the Today Show, saying “it’s all a beat up”.

“I don’t know what he’s talking about. I think Matt should focus on hazard reduction and I will focus on emissions reduction,” said the Prime Minister.

Now Deputy Premier John Barilaro has done the same, telling Ray Hadley Mr Kean’s “unhelpful” comments don’t represent the party.

“He seems to have taken this opportunity to go all out and spruik a whole heap of messages that I don’t believe is representing of the whole of government.

“I’ve got a lot more to say about Matt and his comments but I’m not interested today, I’m focused on recovery.”

Mr Barilaro has been appointed as the Minister responsible for Disaster Recovery and went on to reveal he has spoken to Premier Berejiklian about the rogue Environment Minister.

“Will you be talking to his boss about his comments?” asks Ray.

“Yeah, I’ve had conversations about it. There’s a time and place and right now it’s all unhelpful.”

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