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‘It’s all about money’: Supermarkets slammed after farmer’s heartbreaking plea

A senior government minister has slammed supermarkets for continuously refusing to support dairy farmers by raising the price of milk.

After a Queensland dairy farmer struck a nerve across Australia in a heartbreaking interview with Alan Jones, the government is insisting it’s the supermarkets who are responsible for keeping the dairy industry alive.

Water Resources, Drought and Rural Finance Minister David Littleproud tells Ben Fordham the farmer’s story is absolutely horrific.

“It’s heart-wrenching, no human being would not be touched by that.

“That, sadly, is the result of corporates not respecting a sustainable dairy industry.

“The culture within these organisations is all about one thing. It’s all about money.”

He says the supermarkets could raise milk prices immediately if they had a social conscience and cared for our farmers.

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Queensland dairy farmer Joe Bradley called in to explain how the recent price increases have affected farmers.

He says they received none of the money from an increase in supermarket milk prices in July.

“With the shortage of milk, with this drought the way it is… farmers are living in hope that sooner or later we’ve got to see something, but I’m afraid that a lot of farmers haven’t been able to see it out and a lot have already shut up shop.”

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