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‘It’s a joke!’: Exasperated TAFE teacher blows the whistle on mismanagement

Labor is demanding the state government rule out the privatisation of TAFE ahead of a major review into the sector.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced the inquiry as part of a bid to get more graduates into vocational education.

The Premier says one outcome of the review could be a potential HECS-style payment system for TAFE students.

But the Opposition wants the state government to rule out any possibility that TAFE could be privatised.

Shadow TAFE Minister Jihad Dib says the sector is vital and has been mismanaged for too long.

“We can’t afford to privatise TAFE. It needs to be accessible to everybody, it needs to be something the government takes complete responsibility of.

“When we walk away from education and we walk away from the skills and the needs that we have then what we’re doing is we’re effectively talking it down.”

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After the interview, Ray got a call from “exasperated” TAFE teacher Steve from Coffs Harbour.

He says they’re closing down facilities and allowing private registered training organisations (RTOs) to take students.

Steve says the mismanagement of the system has caused him to have a breakdown.

“I’m telling you now, I will lose my job today. I will get a phone call for what I’ve done, I’ve broken the media policy.

“It’s gone beyond that, I don’t care. It’s a joke what’s going on, I’m over it.”

Ray Hadley has promised to protect Steve and will put him in direct contact with Premier Berejiklian so he can explain exactly what is going on.

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Image: SMH/Rob Homer