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‘It will work’: Multibillion-dollar plan to open up northern Australia

The federal government is considering a multibillion-dollar plan to water northern Australia and change the face of our country.

Sir Leo Hielscher and Sir Frank Moore have updated the Bradfield Scheme, originally conceived in the 1930s by the man who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The proposal calls for a series of dams, pipelines and irrigation channels across Queensland, aimed at opening up vast areas of the state to agriculture and hydroelectric power creation.

It would also help protect the Great Barrier Reef from pollution.

Sir Leo Hielscher has been one of Queensland’s greatest public servants, involved in boosting the coal industry, as well as major infrastructure projects.

The 92-year-old tells Alan Jones he has given the plan to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and is adamant it would be a success.

“It’ll work financially, it’ll work environmentally, it’ll work socially and engineering-wise it’ll happen.”

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