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‘It needs to be shut right now!’: Ray Hadley exposes border loophole

Ray Hadley has revealed massive loopholes and failures in the closed NSW-VIC border restrictions.

A serving police officer has alerted Ray to a problem with border passes being issued to people transiting from Victoria to Queensland through NSW.

The apparent loophole involves a Service NSW form that allows Victorians to enter NSW under the pretense of transiting to another state.

“I’m aware people are being turned around at the Queensland border as they have left Victoria, not permitted to enter Queensland, [and] as a result they’re staying in Northern NSW caravans parks,” reveals Ray.

“Which was, in fact, their sole purpose to enter NSW in the first place.

“It’s a loophole and it poses a significant risk to border communities.

“It needs to be shut right now!”

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NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller responded to the revelations, telling Ray he believes about 9000 of these permits have been issued and he’ll be moving to close the loophole now he is aware of it.

Mr Fuller said, “I’ll be seeking to change health orders and the permit schemes, so they can’t come in”.

“So, that’s been solved… what we do with the other people who are already here, I’m buggered if I know,” said Ray.

“Because there’s a lot of them… and it may not be their fault.

“When they came in, they may have been able to get into other states or a territory, but now they can’t.

“So, they’re stuck in NSW.”


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