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‘It makes no sense’: Barnaby Joyce savages Turnbull’s Bali trip

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Barnaby Joyce has slammed the government’s decision to send Malcolm Turnbull on a political trip, saying “it makes no sense”.

The former prime minister will be sent to Bali next week to represent Australia at a climate change conference.

The move has some MPs furious because Mr Turnbull refused to support the Liberal campaign in the Wentworth by-election.

Losing the seat has forced the Coalition into minority government.

Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has joined the criticism, saying Mr Turnbull doesn’t deserve to be sent on the trip.

“He didn’t help,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“He basically didn’t even send through so much as a text supporting Dave Sharma and that cost us the majority in parliament.

“If it cost the majority in parliament I’d say there’s a serious question to be asked, are you going to be rewarded with a position in going to Bali?”

It’s reported Mr Turnbull has been awarded the trip because Prime Minister Scott Morrison can’t go.

Mr Joyce says the decision “doesn’t stack up” to him, especially considering how silent Mr Turnbull was during the by-election.

“I’m telling you it makes no sense to me, very disappointing that Malcolm didn’t help out.

“It’s really a shame for Malcolm too I think, in a way because he just spoils his own legacy.

“He will be remembered for this. He’ll be remembered for leaving the parliament and not helping out his own party that he was leader of.”

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