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Is this the answer to kicking deadly smoking habits?

Australia is lagging behind on legalising a product which could save up to 15,000 lives every year.

The product is the e-cigarette., and it’s helping smokers all across the globe to kick the habit.

But the laws differ state to state and are a nightmare to understand.

It is legal important nicotine under federal, but you can be fined or jailed for possessing it in liquid form.

Ben Fordham speaks with Brian Marlow, campaign manager for Legalise Vaping Australia.

“Whatever reason the government may have to not legalise it, it’s not good enough.”

Mr Marlow tells Ben in the UK, e-cigarettes are backed heavily by the health the department.

“It’s contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits every year in England.

“You’d think the federal health minister over here would look at that evidence.”

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