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Is this new Bunnings sausage rule for real? The big boss weighs in

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It appears our beloved Bunnings sausage sandwich has been tampered with, all in the name of OH&S.

A hungry Victorian customer was told onion is now being placed on the bread before the sausage for safety reasons.

Apparently, an onion ring causes a slipping hazard if it escapes from the sanger.

A listener has sent in proof of the rule change

Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers own Bunnings, and CEO Rob Scott joins Ross Greenwood to clear up what he knows about the controversial change.

“This is a fantastic example that is a way I can demonstrate the true nature of divisional autonomy in Wesfarmers,” he jokes.

“I have certainly given no such instruction, but I will absolutely support the Bunnings team with what they think is best for customers.”

Wesfarmers is also gearing up for a major annual general meeting on Thursday, where shareholders will vote on whether they demerge with Coles.

Mr Scott says he’s “hopeful” shareholders will support the demerger and they’ve seen positive signs so far.

“My wish is that both companies will continue to prosper, continue to forge a strong path as independent management teams and boards and deliver really good outcomes for their shareholders.”

He says Bunnings will become a “core part” of their business, along with Kmart and Target.

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