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Is it time to get rid of the apostrophe?

This may be a tad controversial…

But Chris Smith reckons it’s time to drop the apostrophe.

“When I raised this with the team earlier today, we got into some very heated debate,” he says.

Chris is backing the radical idea after it was raised by language journalist Tiger Webb.

“I tend to lazily leave out the apostrophe because I just find them useless, almost as if they’re redundant.”

Resident wordsmith and language expert Kel Richards disagrees.

“We need to protect the apostrophe!” he tells Chris.

“It’s a member of the English alphabet, it’s the 27th letter of the alphabet.

“We use it, it means something, it conveys something.”

But when they break down when to use the apostrophe, even Kel is a little confused!

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