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Is a new Hall of Fame award needed for the Big Marn?

The NRL announced its shortlist of Hall of Fame nominees for players, contributors and broadcasters of rugby league earlier this week .

But there was one obvious name missing… or so he thinks… Darryl Brohman!

He’s played for Penrith, the Bulldogs and the Maroons, he’s coached, he’s been on TV, radio and even written an article or two, so the Big Marn believes he deserves an ‘all-rounder’ award.

“I never get nominated for anything,” Big Marn said.

“I mean I’ve done everything, except for a lot of stuff.

“What have we got to do? We need a section for immortal all-rounders and I’m one of them.

“I’m a player, commentator, wrote in the paper, did great stuff with the kids, entertain the fans, everything!

“What I do is I’m a complete package for Rugby League.”

The team believed they needed the game’s boss, NRL CEO Todd Greenberg to respond to Big Marn’s wishes.

“Well Darryl when we’ve put all these other awards together, what we’ve got is a number of metrics that we measure some of these things on,” Greenberg said.

“So I’m just trying to figure out who do you think you’d be up against?

“It’s a big Hall of Fame Darryl, so I’m sure we could find a little spot for you.”

All jokes aside, it’s one tough honour to earn in our game.


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