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Intelligence agencies must be ‘very aware’ during Ramadan, Imam says

Just before the beginning of Ramadan, the world has witnessed a string of radical Islamist terror attacks.

Yesterday, three separate suicide bombings occurred in the Indonesian city of Surabaya, carried out at Christian churches by six members of the same family. Tragically, 13 people were killed in the blasts.

Today the carnage has continued, with a bomb going off outside a police station in the same Indonesian city, injuring several police officers.

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi tells Ben Fordham there’s a reason Islamic terrorist attacks are launched during Ramadan.

“This is the time where actually organised terrorism will take place.

“Every other month we could witness terrorist attacks here and there but I believe they’re just determined amateurs.

“But when it comes to the month of Ramadan it’s actually more organised. It’s actually the month they wish to reach God in.”

Imam Tawhidi says intelligence authorities need to be “very aware” during the month of Ramadan which begins on May 15.

“Even though other intelligence authorities don’t say this, they know very well that this is, in fact, the month that they need to be very aware in because the radicals and the jihadis are in the height of their spirituality during this time.”

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