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‘I’m stronger than that’: ‘Brave’ wheelchair-bound man speaks out after ATM robbery


A man has been charged after wheelchair-bound Julian Stewart was robbed at a Sydney ATM.

The 42-year-old, who suffers from paraplegia cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, was withdrawing money at an ATM on George Street at Haymarket on Sunday morning when he was robbed.

Ray Hadley has discovered he knows Julian personally.

Julian’s father used to bring him to Jeff Fenech’s boxing matches that Ray used to call over 30 years ago.

“Bobby would carry Julian into the fight and Jeff always made sure he was looked after and he was in the champ’s corner.

“A lovely, lovely person with a very positive outlook.”

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Julian has come on the air to speak with Ray after the incident.

“There’s no prouder person than me to be disabled,” Julian said.

“These two hooligans decided to try to pick a weak mark but they picked the wrong person. They’ve booked their seat on the karma bus and they’ll have no luck in life.

“I’m stronger than that.”

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Detective Superintendant Gavin Wood told Ray Hadley Julian is an upstanding citizen known to the police.

“You can’t defend people like this who would rob a defenceless person in a wheelchair with a disability.

“These two are grubs. I take it a step further: they’re cowards.”

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Police appealed for public assistance to identify the two men, who were last seen running along George Street.

Ray told Deborah Knight both suspects have now been identified, following a call to CrimeStoppers identifying the men.

“They’ll be in custody very, very shortly, [police] know exactly who they are.”

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