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‘I’m getting a bit suspicious’: Andrew Bolt has a different take on Emma Husar saga

Fresh allegations have been levelled against federal Labor MP Emma Husar, following claims she sexually harassed and exposed herself to colleagues.

The revelations, published by BuzzFeed today, are being strenuously denied by the embattled member for Lindsay who says the claims are “completely and utterly untrue”.

In a tweet, Ms Husar publicly named and accused a former staffer and his father for spreading “lies” about her.

Andrew Bolt is weighing in on the allegations being levelled against Ms Husar and he’s urging the media and the public to approach the issue with caution.

“There’s new allegations just about every single day against Emma Husar… to make her look like a man-eating, staff-berating, taxpayer rorting freeloader.

“I can understand there are reasons to not like Emma Husar and the fact that she’s got allegations from some 20 former staff… shows something’s clearly wrong.

“But I’m getting a bit suspicious about how these leaks are coming out, what they’re actually alleging and how the media’s playing them up.”

He says there are “elements now for a pack attack” and he’s not ready to pass judgement yet.

“The fact that they’re coming out daily and reported breathlessly and a little too unquestioningly makes me think, on this one, I would rather sit back and not judge until I know facts.

“But I do know one thing. Emma Husar is now the target of a concerted campaign to bring her down and to get her out of Labor.”

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