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Iconic Australian service hits significant milestone

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When it comes to iconic Australian stories, it’s hard to go past the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

90 years ago tomorrow, the first emergency call was made to the service from a nursing home at Cloncurry in rural Queensland.

Two RFDS pilots took off in a single-engine plane to save those in need.

Today, 70 aircraft and over 800 staff attend to rural and remote Australians in trouble.

CEO of the Royal Flying Doctor’s south-eastern section Greg Sam tells Alan Jones thousands of Aussies still rely on the service.

“90 years on, most Australians take for granted that they have an ambulance service, a GP, a hospital, a pharmacy.

“But for a third of Australians living in rural and remote areas, they do not take this for granted and that’s where the service still remains relevant.”

To mark their 90th anniversary, 26 veteran aircraft will make the pilgrimage from New South Wales to Queensland.

Greg says he’s seen the squadron and the planes look as good as they did all those years ago.

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Image: Royal Flying Doctor Service