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‘I knew I was destined for great things’: Leo Sayer reflects on his lasting career

We often talk about a song withstanding the test of time.

And it’s not often a singer is able to achieve the same with their career, continuing to perform and release new music while enjoying the same success they did in the past.

It’s even rarer for an artist to have fans spread across three generations.

But for Australian artist Leo Sayer, this is a reality.

Turning 70 last year, he tells Chris Smith he’s in his prime.

“For some reason, I knew I was destined for great things when I got older.

“I was about longevity, I wanted to keep this going.

“I feel I’m actually almost in my peak at this time at 70. It’s not all over, it’s all to come.”

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To celebrate his 70th birthday, Sayer is touring the country, performing a musical autobiography along with some new tracks.

More information on his tour, click HERE