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‘I don’t think I have real joy’: How losing two children changed the Kelly family

Ralph and Kathy Kelly’s lives changed forever after the tragic deaths of their two sons.

When their first son, 18-year-old Thomas Kelly, lost his life after a cowardly one-punch attack in Kings Cross, the Kellys campaigned for lockout laws in an effort to keep other people’s children safe.

Four years later, the unthinkable happened. Their second son, Stuart Kelly, also 18 at the time, took his own life after suffering from depression and relentless bullying.

Again, the Kellys used the tragedy of Stuart’s death to promote kindness and campaign against bullying.

Now, Ralph and Kathy have written a book about their incredible journey in the face of unimaginable grief.

But when Chris Smith asks about whether they are happy, Kathy admits it’s only her daughter that keeps her going.

“I don’t think I have real joy in my life at the moment. Of course, Madeleine is the reason for us to continue on.

“I guess when I think about having joy again it hopefully will come through her life and what she gets to experience and the joys that we see her getting.”

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Ralph and Kathy’s book Too Soon, Too Late is available HERE.

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Chris Smith in-studio with Kathy and Ralph Kelly