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‘I don’t care how power is generated’: Canavan calls for ideology to be set aside in power debate

Micheal Pachi

Resources Minister Matt Canavan is calling on politicians to get out of their “ideological corners” when it comes to power policy.

In the wake of a damning ACCC report into the energy sector, the senator has reiterated his agnostic stance on power, saying the bottom line for energy policy should be whatever power generation form will bring prices down.

“I don’t care how power is generated,” he tells Michael Pachi.

“Whatever is going to deliver the Australian people the cheapest prices, the most reliable power and of course become cleaner and more efficient  too. That is what I want to see.”

“I absolutely think coal can do those things, but in terms of wedded to, this is not about getting married to something.”

Appealing for ideology to be put to one side, Canavan wants coal-zealots and renewable energy advocates alike to stop politicising the issue and support whatever will lower prices.

“The power source is a tool, it is a means. The end is to get the cheapest power bills for the Australian people.”

When asked about his thoughts on the pro-coal Monash Forum, Canavan said he could understand why the alliance is “ pushing back” against the renewable energy narrative.

“They and many that support them are concerned there is becoming some sort of prohibition on coal-fired power. ”

“Anyone who says you shouldn’t consider coal is, I think, being completely blinkered and narrow-minded in a way that will limit our power options and push up power prices for the Australian people.”

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Micheal Pachi